Do Hair Extensions Look Natural?

The BondPlus technique looks completely natural and is not noticeable. Your BondPlus specialist matches the strands to your own hair’s structure and color, and the correct placement of the strands ensures a perfect result. We will match your own color perfectly with the BondPlus hair so there is no difference in the color shade.

How are Hair Extensions Applied?

The BondPlus technique micro-mini scrunches wraps. Gentle heat shrinks the plastic micro wraps, bonding new hair with your own hair. After heating, the micro scrunches are almost invisible and bond tighter then glue. This technique won’t harm your own hair or new hair. The BondPlus technique uses only the best quality hair, and because there is no use of glue, the hair can be used over and over again.

How Long do Hair Extensions Last?

The wearing period of BondPlus Hair Extensions depend on your individual hair growth, the structure and volume of your own hair, and your desired hairstyle. The bonding slowly moves away from your scalp along with your natural hair growth. It is recommended to re-bond after 2-4 months. If you decide to use special quality hair, then you can re-use the hair over and over again.

How Long Does the Application Take?

It depends on your desired hairstyle. First and foremost the time needed depends on the number of strands that need to be applied. You can expect a time frame of about 2-4 hours for a full set hair extension.

Where Does the Hair Come From?

We use only the best quality hair, and you can choose from three different hair qualities:

European Choice:
The best most luxurious Bond Plus special quality European hair comes in all natural colors ranging from blonde to dark brown, and come mainly from Russia. These are virgin hair not colored nor chemically treated and are not damaged in any way. After it has been collected, the raw hair is hand-selected and hand-sorted, hair-by-hair, using the Bond Plustechnique. This process of hand selection takes about 4-6 days for an average hair extension. This hair can be used over and over again depending on hairstyle and care, so the client buys the hair just once.

European Standard:
High quality hair of European type in all natural colors ranging from blonde to dark brown, which come from all over Europe.

Indian Choice:
Very good hair quality. This hair is black and comes from India and the bordering countries. This hair has to be rearranged, so that all hairs point in the same direction. After that the black hair is gently lightened in a desire color to match the different colors of the natural hair spectrum. This hair is made for a wearing period up to one year.

How Much do Hair Extensions Cost?

We cannot give you an exact answer to this question for several reasons. It is important to know what hairstyle you would like, and what your own hair looks like. With this information your hairdresser can decide on how many strands, what length, what structure and what hair quality (European Choice, European Standard, or Indian Choice) is to be used for your desired hairstyle. Basically the price range for full set hair extensions can be between $600-$2000. Sometimes additional services such as washing, cutting, coloring etc. are necessary.

How Long do Have to Wait for Hair Extensions?

After the consultation, the Bond Plus strands are selected exactly to your desired hairstyle, your own hair color or your desired color, and your hair structure. We have a large selection of Bond Plus hair in the salon and are able to apply your extensions immediately after your consultation.

How are the Extensions Removed?

Exactly the same way as they are applied with the same special machine, with out anything sticking in the hair or with out using any chemical solutions. This is not like other hair extension techniques that use heat and chemical solutions which damage your own hair. With the Bond Plus removal technique, your own hair and the BondPlus hair are not damaged in any way. During this service will charge normal hourly rate for the removal of the strands. It is best if you discus those details before you get your hair extensions.

How do I Take Care of Hair Extensions?

As you would take care of your own long hair. We have a special hair care line, which is specially formulated to meet the needs of human hair extensions. Your BondPlus Hair is not connected to your scalp and thus not automatically supplied with natural conditioning substances. The BondPlus Hair Care Products target this natural deficiency and balance it. When used regularly, your extensions will retain a beautiful shine, optimal elasticity, and deep color. If you don’t decide to use our products, the most important thing is not to use and oil based shampoo.

How Can I Style and Color my Hair Extensions?

You can style your hair as usual using your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. You can as well do perms and color. You should know that chemical processes like coloring, tinting or perming could drastically change the surface of the hair. You should only let authorized BondPlus Salons perform these services in order to get the best result. Brush your hair several times a day from roots to ends using our special BondPlus Brush to prevent tangles. When blow-drying be careful not to set the blow dryer too hot, and to keep it at a distance of at least 9 in. Extreme heat can damage or dry out your BondPlus Hair. Tie your hair or put it in a braid before you go to sleep.

Must my Hair be a Certain Length to Get Hair Extensions?

Yes, the minimum length should be 4-6 in. for the bonding to be invisible and for the BondPlus strands to naturally blend with your own hair.

Will the Extensions Damaging My Own Hair?

BondPlus Hair Extensions are very gentle and do not involve chemicals, which ensures that your own hair will not be damaged. The strand size makes it possible to customize hair extensions for your individual hair type. Shoulder length hair usually gets split ends and breaks at the level where your hair touches your shoulders. Because of the enclosure with BondPlus strands, your own hair can recover during the wearing period and split ends are prevented from occurring. You should do check up service to make sure a perfect condition of your Bond Plus Hair. Our BondPlus Hair Care Line is very beneficial for your extensions as well for your own hair.

Can the Hair Extensions be Re-Used?

Yes, the European Choice, European Standard and Indian hair can be re-used over and over again. This service is called Re-bonding. After removing the strands there is no necessary new bonding. After several uses, the BondPlus strands need just a little touch up which will take no longer then 1hour. The Re-bonding service is only available for original BondPlus Hair Extensions.

Can I do Everything as Usual Wearing Hair Extensions?

Thanks to the safe bonding and the excellent quality of BondPlus Hair Extensions, you can do all your activities and hobbies as usual, although long hair always requires more extension than short hair.